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Why PIC?

Another dating app? What’s different about this one? We’re glad you asked! Have you ever noticed other fad apps tend to dazzle you with neat features, but have no intention of helping you find a suitable partner in crime?

Here at PIC, we have focused our app around positive human behavioral design. Imagine online dating as a place where good behavior is rewarded and the rules of engagement were clear.

PIC is the latest revolution in online dating. We care about your dating life (in a non creepy way) and we want to help you get to the finish line! PIC is feedback focused, engagement driven, video-centric and customized for yours truly! Online dating is here to stay, so why not let us PIC for you.

Online Dating Fatigue

Dating has always been a challenge but online dating is a whole other level. Finding very little joy in online dating ourselves, we asked others what they thought of it. The answers were disheartening and a bit gloomy. Online dating just isn’t fun anymore.

In fact, there’s a new term for it – it’s called online dating fatigue. It’s the reason we all eventually run out of steam, leading to meaningless interactions, and a nonchalant approach to using dating apps. But don’t take our word for it. Here's what the stats say!

The Future Is Here - Our Key Features


Your last date, WAS your last date, what happened? With PICs built in feedback feature, you finally get the insight you needed.


Like eating a whole cake, bombing you with options will get you nowhere, so why not bite size? At PIC we feel less is more, way more!


Not ready to meet in person, but want to see their quirks? Now you can see and hear your matches answering all your questions!


Let us PIC for you! Our intelligent algorithm eliminates time munching swipes, giving you what you actually want. We learn about your preferences, personality and what you think is attractive to cook up love potion number nine.


Using a timer driven processes and engagement scores for participation, PIC creates an environment of fun, and accountability. No more eye rolling dulls, pervs, fake profiles, MIAs, and pen pals.

Do you want to shape the future of online dating?

We need your feedback! Tell us what you think about online dating apps. Whether you love or hate them, we want to hear from you!